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March 15, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

A dental bridge and crowns can be used to replace lost tooth structure, as well as fill in gaps where teeth are missing. The bridge dental bridgescontains artificial teeth to replace any natural ones that are missing. The crowns fit over the existing teeth near the gap and are used to anchor the bridge in place. Installing a dental bridge with crowns is an effective way to give you a full set of functioning teeth while also restoring your smile. Dr. Jeff DiMariano and Dr. Shaina DiMariano, your Sacramento and Folsom, CA area dentists, can determine if crowns and bridgework would benefit you.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Installing a dental bridge with crowns can offer several benefits, both functional and aesthetic. For example, a dental bridge anchored by crowns can restore your ability to bite and chew properly, while also improving your smile by filling in gaps where teeth were missing. Additionally, a dental bridge can correct problems associated with having missing teeth, such as changes in speech or to the shape of the face. The following examples are of some instances when crowns and bridges are needed.

  • To fill in large gaps and create a full smile
  • To maintain the natural shape of the face
  • To prevent existing teeth from moving out of place
  • To distribute the bite evenly across all teeth
  • To restore normal biting and chewing functions
  • To restore normal speech

Creating a Dental Bridge

Your Sacramento dentist will create a dental bridge that is custom fit to your mouth. The bridge will usually consist of pontics and crowns. Pontics refer to artificial teeth that fill in the gaps where natural ones are missing. Crowns fit over the existing teeth on either side of the gap and hold the bridgework in place. These existing teeth fitted with crowns to anchor the bridgework are often referred to as abutment teeth. The crowns and pontics are all connected together to form the dental bridge. A permanent dental adhesive is used to install the bridgework.

Dental crowns and bridges are needed when several consecutive teeth are missing or when there is extensive lost tooth structure. Once in place, your new bridgework will not only have restored your smile, but will have also improved tooth functioning and speech, among other things. For dental bridgework in the Sacramento and Folsom, CA area, see either Dr. Jeff DiMariano or Dr. Shaina DiMariano. To schedule an appointment, call (916) 929-3898.