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December 21, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Many of the dental problems that patients experience each year could be avoided if they take simple steps to prevent them. Early preventative dentistryintervention is the key to keeping your smile healthy, strong, and free of dental disease. Every time you visit the dentist, you want to get a good report, and that is possible with preventive care. One short appointment with a family dentist at Jeff L. DiMariano, DDS in Sacramento, CA for a cleaning, exam, and consultation can make a major difference. 

Common Dental Problems
Most dental problems are a direct result of poor hygiene and failure to see a dentist regularly for basic treatments. Review this list of some of the most common dental problems that dentists try to prevent:

- Dental decay and cavities.
- Abscesses (infections at the root).
- Gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis).
- Tooth loss, whether due to injury or disease.
- Enamel erosion and tooth staining.
- Complications due to impacted wisdom teeth.
- Shifting teeth.
- TMJ and other jaw disorders.

What Is Preventive Care?
Preventive care is focused on treating the teeth now so that they do not develop any major problems down the line. The best course of action is to prevent dental disease rather than to have to treat it when it occurs due to poor care. Preventive care is less expensive and requires less time compared to treatments like root canals and periodontal therapy.

Important Preventive Treatments
At your next appointment with your Sacramento, CA, family dentist you should ask about the following important preventive care treatments:

- Dental sealants and fillings to stop cavities.
- Regular tooth cleanings.
- Scaling and root planing sessions to reverse the effects of gum disease.
- Crowns to fix up damaged or weak teeth.
- Nightguards to prevent bruxism and mouth guards to prevent sports injuries.
- Wisdom tooth removal.
- Orthodontic treatment to fix alignment or bite issues.

Are You Ready for a Healthier Smile?
No matter what dental problems you’ve had in the past, you can start over with a healthy smile with the help of a family dentist who specializes in preventive care. Call (916) 929-3898 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeff DiMariano and Dr. Shaina DiMariano in Sacramento, CA.