Learn What Dental Crowns Can Do For Your Smile

Figures posted by the American College of Prosthodontists state that dentists place over two million crowns each year, making it one of the top dental procedures in the nation. Crowns offer patients both restorative and cosmetic benefits. Find out what one or more dental crowns can do for your smile and how quickly this treatment can be completed by a family dentist at Jeff L. DiMariano, DDS in Sacramento, CA.

Dental Crowns: What They Do

Crowns are commonly made of high-tech porcelain, that is designed to closely mimic the feel and appearance of your tooth enamel. They can be designed for the back teeth (molars) and your front teeth (usually for a cosmetic fix). By covering the outer surface of the tooth, a crown will continually protect your smile from decay, erosion, and injury. Since a crown can be colored to perfectly match the rest of your teeth, they also restore the appearance of your smile when a tooth dulls and stains.

Dental Crowns: How They're Placed

Placing a dental crown is a two-step process after your initial consultation is complete. The first step is for your Sacramento, CA family dentist to prepare your natural tooth. An accurate impression can then be created to serve as a model for a custom-made dental crown. A few weeks later your crown will be at your dentist's office and ready for bonding. The bonding agent securely cements the crown to your natural tooth.

Dental Crown Benefits

Once you have your dental crown placed, you can count on it remaining in place for years, as long as you take extra precautions to ensure good oral hygiene on a daily basis. Porcelain is very durable, so it is resistant to staining and enamel erosion. Many people have crowns and you wouldn’t know it because they look so natural. Crowns are also used with other dental devices, including bridges and dental implants.

Protect Your Teeth

After years of wear and tear, it's not uncommon for a tooth to need some reinforcement. A dental crown may be the ideal solution for your smile. Call (916) 929-3898 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeff DiMariano or Dr. Shaina DiMariano at their Sacramento, CA family dentist office.

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