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By drshaina
March 05, 2012
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Spring is just around the corner and I got my urge to clean house a little early.  I've been doing a lot here and there to streamline things in the office and make the patient and professional experiences smooth and effective for everyone.  I find that if I take an hour once a month to look around the office and see what I can change then we will always be evolving and never becoming stagnant.

With that in mind, I made some additions to the practice that I've been thinking about for quite a while now.  The first is an Intraoral Camera.  This small camera fits into the mouth and allows me to easily and comfortably take photos of teeth and tissue.  The benefit here is that I can have a visual record of what various conditions look like and how they change over time, rather than relying on written descriptions and memory. Additionally, all of the things I spend time diligently describing to patients may be easier for them to see for themselves, making diagnosis and treatment explanations simpler and more assuring for patients. Finally, the images can be e-mailed to specialists and patients easily, making communication a breeze.  And rest assured that I will take these images at no charge, as I have always done for my photos.

The other bit of technology that's benefiting my patients these days is a new light that attaches to my loupes (magnifying lenses).  I have always worn the loupes in order to see more detail on the teeth than I can with the naked eye.  Now this powerful fiber optic light will enhance my visibility even more with the benefit of removing use of the overhead light that shines down on you while you are in the chair. This will also increase efficiency and detailed accuracy of procedures in areas that previously were difficult to make well-lit.  And again, there is no cost to my patients for this added upgrade to the practice.

I'm proud of the fact that I am continuing my mission of providing the best care along with the most comfort, education, and ease for my patients. I look forward to sharing these new enhancements with you all.